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the photo cage

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Film/Digital camera loans are $125 for the semester. Payments can only be made through Mason Money. You can add funds to your account HERE. The payment breaks down to be:




$125 ​(TOTAL)

At the end of the semester after you have returned the equipment in good condition your deposit fee of $75 will be returned to your Mason Money Account.


If you have any missing items or the camera is damaged, it will come out of your deposit fee to fix or replace any items. You assume full responsibility for the camera and will be responsible to replace it if it is lost or stolen. See the contract below for further details.

**Summer Camera Loans will start on Monday, May 17th 2021and will be due back on Friday, August 6th, 2021.

Please note: Equipment not returned after the final due date will result in an administrative hold placed on the student account until returned and/or late fees have been paid.


photo cage

photo cage

This semester we will be offering curbside pickups. Please follow these steps:

1. Check availability of equipment by emailing

  • Please include your Professor's name and class section. 

2. Once equipment is confirmed, add $125.00 to your Mason Money Account

3. Fill out and sign the LEFT portion of the contract. I'll fill out the right-hand side.  You can either sign electronically or print it out and take a picture with your phone of your filled out contract. 

4. Email the contract to and schedule a time to pick up the camera

  • Rentals will start on May 17th, 2021 for Summer Photo classes. 

  • Equipment pickup hours will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11AM - 5PM. If you need time outside of these hours please email me. 

5. On the day and time of the appointment meet outside in your car (unless otherwise agreed to) at the 15 minute parking lot located at the back of the Art and Design Building

6. Pop your trunk and I will load your equipment into the trunk of your car

  • NOTE: I will not give you equipment until you have signed the contract and paid your loan fee.

7. You are good to go for the semester. Please return the equipment on or before May 7th, 2021. As the semester progresses, I will email you updates on how we will collect the cameras. 


curbside pickup

photo cage

curbside RETURN

To return your equipment please follow these steps:​

1. Check that all your equipment is in good working condition and all the pieces are in tact

  • Remember if any damage occurred or you have lost any pieces, it will be taken out of your deposit

2. Schedule a drop off time between Monday - Friday 10AM - 5PM by emailing

3. On the day and time of your appointment meet outside in your car (unless otherwise agreed to) at the loading bay at the back of the Art and Design Building located at:

4515 Patriot Cir, Fairfax, VA 22030

4. Double check you have taken out all your personal

items (especially the memory card in digital cameras!)

5. Pop your trunk and I will grab your equipment 

6. DON'T LEAVE YET! I will check your equipment,

and if everything is alright I will refund your

deposit immediately 



Digital Kit Includes:

Bag, Canon Rebel T6 Body, 18-55mm Lens, UV Filter, Battery, Battery Charger, USB Cable cord, Manual

Darkroom Kit Includes:


(1) 35mm steel reel, (1) Medium format reel, (1) Steel canister, (4) 8x10 Trays, Thermometer, Measuring Cup, (4) 4x5 Film holders, Holga




+ Tripod with mounting plate

+ Altura Universal Flash

   (batteries included)

+ Silver Reflector

Art and Design Building, Suite 2050
4400 University Drive Fairfax, VA 22030

Darkroom: 703-993-8897


photo cage